Stay Fit and Healthy with 10 Easy Fitness tips

27 March 2016

Easter is just around the corner so it means there will be plenty of healthy and possibly non-healthy things. It’s filled with temptation but you can take easy steps to stay fit and healthy this holiday.

Easy Fitness Tips for Easter

1. Don’t chow down the Easter Eggs

No matter how tempting it is, don’t eat them before the holiday comes around especially the chocolate eggs. Don’t buy them early or have someone who has a stronger resistance than you to hide them.

2. Don’t count how many, concentrate on quality instead

When you’re out shopping for Easter stuff, get higher quality chocolates instead. If it has a high amount of cocoa, the quality is higher. The best type you can buy is dark chocolate

3. Count Your Calories

You need to balance your calorie intake throughout the day, especially if you are expecting to consume extra food or sweet things. Eliminate something from your daily diet to prevent an overload of calories on Easter.

4. Replace chocolate eggs with real eggs

Eggs are a perfect breakfast or even lunch. Everyone knows they are high in protein plus they also have important amino acids. For your figure, you won’t be hungry often since they make you feel full.

5. Exercise after the holiday

If you over-consumed food, you need to burn off the extra fat and calories. Go to a fitness center and enjoy sports to get rid of the extra “baggage”. You can even go out for a walk. Even an Easter egg hunt will keep you active, especially if the kids are around.

6. Variate your exercise routine

You can go play basketball or go for a jog after the holiday to help burn off extra calories. Keep it up even long after the holiday. There are many activities you can do to stay fit and in shape. Keep doing this

7. Drink lots of fluids, especially water to stay fit and healthy

Believe it or not, water can be a fat burner so this is perfect if you have consumed a lot of food on Easter. It can help you lose weight since it a natural metabolic enhancer. This is the most important easy fitness tip.

8. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit

Make sure your Easter table is filled with veggies and fruits. There are healthy vegetables and fruits that will help you feel fuller faster and you need them for nutrients. It’s a quick easy fitness tip

9. Snack before the main meal

Eat a light snack before your meal so you won’t eat too much when it’s time to sit down at the table. This Easter fitness tip will help control your appetite and prevent over-eating.

10. Slow down

When you eat fast, you’ll wind up consuming more. Eating slow will help you eat less. You can enjoy your food more and you can lose weight by not eating too much. It’s a new lifestyle, not just for Easter but every day.